Mental Health

Outpatient Clinical Services

  • Individual therapy
  • Marital therapy
  • Family therapy
  • Group therapy for:
    • Substance abuse
    • Domestic violence
  • Mental health education and support services for schools
  • Child and adolescent services (starting with pre-natal)

Case Management

  • Advocacy and referral services
    • Coordinate medical, pharmacological, hospital, legal, educational and other services
    • Linkage for hospitalization and back to the community after hospitalization
    • Support with Social Security benefits, medical card, and other Department of Human Services (DHS) services
  • Education and support for managing daily living skills
    • Representative payee services
    • Assistance with housing needs

Psycho-Social Rehabilitation Services

  • Clients unable to independently meet their own basic activities of daily living while in attendance at the program (ex: independent toileting)

Substance Abuse Services

  • Clients requiring a different level of care (ex: detox, inpatient or residential placement)

Outpatient Alcohol and Substance Abuse Services

  • Individual counseling for teens and adults
  • Adult group substance abuse counseling
  • Adult, adolescent and family counseling
  • Substance abuse education and referral
  • DUI remedial risk education
  • DUI evaluations
  • Outreach to community and schools
  • Crisis services


Individuals discharged or excluded from a program for any reason will be provided alternate sources of service as appropriate. The referral source, if any, will also be informed with the expressed written consent of the person seeking services. Individuals will be readmitted to outpatient services only after a review of all admission activities and specific examination of prior treatment experiences is completed and then documented by the clinician. The goal of this will be to ascertain that the individual has benefited from prior treatment and that current needs are within the scope of available treatment services. Individuals not accepted for treatment in the programs will be notified in writing.