Child and Adolescent

At Iroquois Mental Health Center, we serve children and adolescents dealing with:

· Behavioral issues
· Depression
· Anxiety
· Trauma
· Abuse
· Family conflict
· Social skills deficits
· Relationship issues and conflict
· Cutting and self-harm behaviors
· Discernment for future goals
· Self-esteem and peer pressure difficulties
· Bullying, social media pressures, and cyber bullying
· Transitional issues: divorce, changing schools, moving, changes in guardianship, foster care
· And more

Services We Offer:

· Individual Therapy and Family Therapy
· Crisis Services
· Parenting Groups
· Case Management & Service Coordination (Schools/Advocacy, Probation,  Doctors, DCFS, etc.)
· Psychiatric Services (age 12+)

Interventions include:

· Applied Behavioral Analysis
· Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
· Interpersonal Therapy
· Motivational Interviewing
· Play Therapy
· Sand Therapy
· Art Therapy

For additional information about our Child and adolescent Program, contact:

Kayla Button, LCSW
Director of Child and Adolescent Program