Policies and Procedures

  • The philosophy of treatment of the Iroquois Mental Health Center prohibits the use of seclusion or restraint of any kind.
  • Smoking or use of any tobacco products are not allowed in any Center building. Any smoking or use of tobacco products outside the Center, on the premises, must occur in designated areas only. This includes Satellite Clinics and agency vehicles.
  • Alcohol and nonprescription or recreational drugs are not allowed on the grounds of the Iroquois Mental Health Center. Clients must maintain control of their own prescription medications at all times.
  • Individuals whose functioning is deemed impaired due to the influence of alcohol or other substances will not be allowed in the facility.
  • Weapons of any kind are not allowed on the grounds of the Iroquois Mental Health Center.

Advanced Directives

You have the right to make decisions about the health care you receive now and in the future. An advance directive is a written statement about how you want medical decisions made when you are no longer able to make them. Federal law requires that you be told of your right to make an advance directive when you are admitted to a health care facility. Illinois has these advance directives:

  • Health Care Power of Attorney
  • Living wills, and
  • Mental Health Treatment Preference Declaration

If you wish to have more information about advance directives, you should consult with an attorney. If you choose to make an advance directive, you should talk to your family, your physician, and your attorney about your decision. If they know what health care you want, they will find it easier to follow your wishes.

Access to Clinical Records

The clinical records of the Iroquois Mental Health Center are the property of the Center. Individuals receiving services at the  Center have the right to review their clinical records. The review of the records must adhere to the following guidelines:

  • A “request for access to records” form shall be completed and submitted to the Director of Operations or designee.
  • The Center has five (5) days to respond to the written request.
  • The file will be reviewed at the Center in the presence of the primary therapist or designated staff member.
  • A “request for release of records” form shall be completed and submitted to the Director of Operations. If clinically appropriate, copies of the record requested by the individual will be generated by the Center for a reasonable fee.

Safety Procedures

The Iroquois Mental Health Center’s Safety Committee is responsible for establishing and enforcing safety policies and procedures for the Center’s employees and consumers. Safety issues and procedures will be explained and reviewed with PSRS participants. Fire drills and other emergency drills will be held as required. Evacuation plans, as well as other safety policies and procedures, are available for review at any time. Evacuation routes are posted in each room. In the event of an emergency, follow the instructions given by staff.

Rules of Conduct

Acceptable conduct is expected of all individuals receiving service in accordance with the behaviors expected at any public office. Consideration will be provided for individuals in severe distress or coping with a psychiatric crisis. Any person exhibiting aggressive or threatening behavior will be asked to leave the premises. If the person is unable to manage their behavior, law enforcement officials may be called.

  • Loud talking, loud laughing, distracting behaviors, and/or “horseplay” is not acceptable.
  • Smoking and use of tobacco products are not allowed in the building.
  • No selling of merchandise is allowed on Center property.
  • Borrowing and/or loaning money/food/cigarettes is strictly prohibited.
  • Physical displays of affection on the grounds is prohibited.
  • Appropriate dress is required.
  • All individuals are encouraged to comply with their treatment plans.
  • Any individual physically aggressive or verbally threatening toward a staff or another individual will be suspended from services.

and Sign-Out Procedures

All individuals in Psycho-Social Rehabilitation Services (PSRS) must sign in and sign out of programming on a daily basis in order for staff to keep account of all participating individuals.

Individual Satisfaction Survey

As an individual receiving mental health services you will periodically be asked to complete surveys to evaluate the services you have received. The information gained by these surveys is used to evaluate the quality of services currently provided.

Consumer Advisory Council

Consumer input is important in the operation of the Center.  The Iroquois Mental Health Center has established a Consumer Advisory Council to help represent your needs and ideas.  The Council provides input on all aspects of the Center’s functioning. If you are interested and willing to join with others on the Council, please notify your primary clinician or facilitator.