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Therapeutic Interventions:

There may be times when the best therapeutic intervention for a client is to temporarily remove them from a program. If a person is physically aggressive or verbally aggressive/threatening he/she will be temporarily asked to leave the program and undergo a more extensive assessment to determine the cause of this aggressiveness. This assessment will also consider whether it is safe for this person to return to that program and if others are at risk to be injured. The treating psychiatrist, clinical director, program director and therapist/case manager will provide input in this determination.

The results of this assessment will lead to either:

  1. Discharge from this program and a referral to a more appropriate program that better addresses issues.
  2. A written and signed agreement of the steps a person must complete before return to program; examples: medication adjustment that better controls these acting out symptoms, individual therapy to better manage symptoms, etc.

If a client demonstrates disregard for rules (i.e. PSRS rules— see handbook) and reminders, incentives and discussion with staff result in repeat violation of these rules, client may be asked to temporarily leave the program and undergo a more extensive assessment.

The results of this assessment will lead to either:

  1. A reduced schedule.
  2. A referral to another In-house program that might more appropriately address issues.
  3. A written and signed contract that this person agrees to follow in order to return to program.
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