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Children’s Psychosocial Rehabilitation (PSRS)


IMHC would like to add a PSRS Program for Children ages 0-17. The introduction of a children’s PSRS Program would mean additional licensure from the State of Illinois; additional staff to oversee the Program; remodeling of a portion of the IMHC current building; and transportation for children in the Program

    .team_workA model program for Children’s Psychosocial Rehabilitation would include practical techniques and education to guide our clients and their families toward functioning independently. We develop and teach skills specific to promoting positive mental and behavioral growth. Areas of skill development including: social (i.e. initiating conversations, listening, building the symptoms); community resources (i.e. healthy activities such as sports, library, and community events); family relationships (i.e. problem solving within the family unit); basic living skills (i.e. grooming, hygiene, setting goals); emotions (anger and stress management, dealing in a positive way with emotions).

IMHC would like to incorporate in the remodel of the facility a mini gym, greenhouse, art room; play room, and library to assist with the skill development of children in the PSRS program.

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