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IMHC receives referrals from primary care physicians throughout the service area. The physicians and IMHC collaborate to provide treatment to their respective clients with the client’s best interest and best treatment practices in mind. The satellite clinics are typically located in medical offices which promote the collaboration of physical and mental health providers.

IMHC collaborates with, Iroquois Memorial Hospital, Ford-Iroquois Public Health Department, Department of Children and Family Services, Iroquois County Court System (and all neighboring circuit courts), A Woman’s Fund, Inc., Harbor House, Kankakee County Center against Sexual Assault, Iroquois Sexual Assault Services, First Methodist Church Food Pantry, and Head Start. Additionally, IMHC is in close contact with local school districts including Iroquois Unit # 9, Iroquois West Unit # 10, Donovan Unit # 3, and Milford consolidated District # 280. IMHC provide office space free of charge to the Kankakee County Center against Sexual Assault (KC-CASA).

Guidance counselors within each of the six (6) community unit school districts have consulted with parents and referred students to IMHC for issues that need to be addressed by a professional counselor. IMHC presents programs to students and teachers on such issues as bullying, cutting, and substance abuse. A recent invitation was received by the Substance Abuse Director to present information to junior high students to coincide with Red Ribbon Week, a national week of promoting drug, alcohol, tobacco, and violence prevention.

The majority of clients are Medicare and Medicaid, with only a portion having private insurance. IMHC, through funding received by the Iroquois Community Mental Health 708 Board, offers a sliding fee scale to residents of Iroquois County.

IMHC contracts with other social service agencies including the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services; East Central Illinois Community Action Agency; and Lutheran Social Services. Referrals from these agencies are provided assessments, treatment, and when appropriate linkage to other agencies. IMHC has a particular interest in Child and Adolescent Programs with funding originally from the DHS Early Intervention Mental Health Treatment Grant for serving children ages 0-5 years of age. IMHC has continued the 0-5 program without the originally grant monies.

In response to the continued need for assistance, IMHC submitted an application to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) for an Immediate Services Program grant. IMHC was awarded the grant to provide services on a face-to-face basis for those most affected by the flood in Iroquois and Livingston Counties. The grant allowed for funding of six (6) persons to contact residents with materials and wellness checks. The end result was contact made to 1,287 households.

IMHC also allows the community use of our facility. The court based Juvenile Justice Program meets bi-monthly at our facility; the Iroquois Community Mental Health 708 Board meets quarterly; Show bus meets on a quarterly basis; Narcotics Anonymous weekly; and Kankakee Community College tutors GED students on a one-to-one basis. The Kankakee County Center against Sexual Assault (KC-CASA) one day week counsels clients from the center free of charge. The Iroquois County Agricultural and 4-H Fair, held in July each year, offers IMHC the opportunity to reach the entire county population with information regarding the services and programs of the agency. It is estimated over 71,000 residents of Iroquois and neighboring counties attend this yearly event. Each Friday morning at 7:00AM, The IMHC conference room is used by the Iroquois County Chapter of Toastmasters. IMHC offers the conference room free of charge to community organizations.

IMHC promotes its values in the areas of creating opportunity; community impact; collaboration; under served geography; and diversity. The last three values have been delineated throughout the narrative. The first two values are delineated in the following narrative.

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