for personal growth and recovery

We're here to help.

We're here to help.

IMHC provides a complete array of mental health services to clients of Iroquois County and nearby Vermilion, Kankakee, and Will Counties.

Waiting room IMHC

IMHC Waiting Room

Relax in our waiting room with plenty to read and activities for the kids. Just remember to check in upon arrival and set up your next appointment on the way out.

Group Room 1

Group Room 1

Our group rooms are decorated with imagery and displays, creating a comfortable environment for listening, sharing, and learning.

Warm & friendly environments for adolescents

Friendly creative & fun adolescent environments

Your child will enjoy the variety of activities, as well as the peaceful atmosphere our adolescent areas provide.

Heart Awareness Month

IMHC has AED's on-site!

We are pleased to announce that IMHC now has two AED's on-site. Funding was made possible through a "Blue Jean Friday" employee initiative. We would like to thank our caring staff for creating a safer environment for our clients and families!




The Iroquois Mental Health Foundation raises money to support patients and programs for all mental health conditions.

Seek Help


Feeling down? We can help. Our doctors are experts in every type of mental health condition. Start feeling better now.

About the Foundation


Our foundation focuses on the evaluation, prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of mental health issues.

Iroquois Mental Health Facility Cares

Iroquois Mental Health Center (IMHC) is a community mental health center located at:

323 West Mulberry Street in Watseka, IL., Iroquois County

Iroquois Mental Health Center is a 501c3 non-profit agency incorporated in 1971.        

IMHC provides services to clients in the Illinois counties of Iroquois and surrounding counties of Vermilion, Kankakee, and Newton County located in Indiana. The services include Outpatient Clinical Services to adults, adolescents and children through individual, group, and family therapy. Psychiatric services to adults, adolescents, and children with three consulting psychiatrists, medication monitoring, and medication management. IMHC has two nurses on staff. Alcohol and Substance Abuse Services for adults and teens, include individual and group counseling; DUI Remedial Education and Substance Abuse Education; and a domestic violence program, Batterers Intervention and Treatment Program (BIT), a twenty-six week program for perpetrators of domestic violence in partnering relationships, referred by the Iroquois County Court System. A Psycho-social Rehabilitation Program (PSRS) which provides individual and group therapy. Crisis intervention is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week by our crisis team; and mental health case management is available for adults with severe mental illness.



Wednesday, June 11, 2014
25 hottest mental health topics

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Monday, June 2, 2014
Bipolar Disorder: What Is It?

Bipolar disorder, sometimes called manic depression, is a disorienting condition that causes extreme shifts in mood. Like riding a slow-motion roller coaster, patients may spend weeks feeling like they're on top of the world before plunging into a relentless depression. The length of each high and low varies greatly from person to person. In any given year, bipolar disorder affects more than 2% of American adults. » Continue Reading

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