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StaffJob TitlePhoneContact
Aleo, Cynthia Outpatient Therapist 815-432-5241 x236
Bailey, Kristin Outpatient Therapist 815-432-5241 x237
Beard, Todd Director, Substance Abuse Services 815-432-5241 x233
Burton, Alberta Director of Operations / Outpatient Therapist 815-432-5241 x249
Button, Kayla Director of Child and Adolescent Services 815-432-5241 x234
Casey, Brian Outpatient Therapist  
Emerson , Don Outpatient Therapist 815-432-5241 x228
Fanning, Terri Nurse 815-432-5241 x244
Fear, Kim HR Director / Assistant CFO 815-432-5241 x262
First, Kent PSRS Facilitator 815-432-5241 x250
Fletcher, Heather Clinical Support Staff 815-432-5241 x257
Francis, Shannon Outpatient Therapist 815-432-5241 x228
Goselin, Cherie Director of Accounts Receivable 815-432-5241 x245
Grosvenor, Kirsten PSRS Coordinator 815-432-5241 x254
Hollis, Barb Office Support Staff 815-432-5241 x221
Hopkins, Dr. Dennis Executive Director 815-432-5241 x226
Johnston, William Outpatient Therapist 815-432-5241 x255
Katschke, Robin Medical Records Specialist 815-432-5241 x247
Lam, Cindy Crisis Intervention Coordinator / Therapist 815-432-5241 x232
Lee, Barry Outpatient Therapist 815-432-5241 x229
Lieser, Alesha Outpatient Therapist 815-432-5241 
Lindstrom, Allison IPS Supervisor, Employment Specialist 815-432-5241 x265
Mesenbring, Alyssa Outpatient Therapist 815-432-5241 x231
Norton, Theresa Billing Specialist 815-432-5241 x235
Spaulding, Denise Office Coordinator 815-432-5241 x224
Swing, Barb Office Support Staff 815-432-5241 x223
Wang, Theresa (Tiantian) Outpatient Therapist 815-432-5241 x263
Zabel, Amy Administrative Support (Clinical) 815-432-5241 x256
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