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Admission Criteria

All programs, with the exception of court ordered services, are provided to residents of Iroquois County on a sliding fee scale. IMHC maintains a no waiting list policy and persons are treated regardless of their economic status.

The eligibility criteria for Iroquois Mental Health Center services includes:

  • The individual is a resident of Iroquois or surrounding counties in Illinois and Indiana or referred by an Employee Assistance Program (EAP).
  • The individual must be requesting services or be referred for services.
  • The individual exhibits signs and symptoms of mental illness and/or substance abuse.
  • The individual is not better served by another available program.
  • The individual is not a danger to self or to others, and does not need a more intensive level of service.
  • The individual is able to speak English, sign language, or work through a translator.
  • The individual is legally eligible for services.
  • The individual must be 18 years or older to receive PSRS Services.
  • The individual’s role functioning is expected to improve/benefit by using services.

An individual may be excluded from participating in programming for any of the following reasons:

  • All Programs
    • Convicted sex offenders
    • Presently under the influence of alcohol or drugs
    • Actively suicidal, homicidal, or acutely psychotic
    • No diagnosable mental health condition
    • Client/guardian refuses to cooperate with completing consents/paperwork; would be referred to another agency
    • Clients who become violent, aggressive and/or disruptive
    • Clients requiring a higher level of care (ex: community psychiatric hospitalization, state-operated psychiatric hospitalizations or residential placement)
  • PSRS—items listed under “all programs” plus
    • Clients unable to independently meet their own basic activities of daily living while in attendance at the program (ex: independent toileting)
  • Substance Abuse—items listed under “all programs” plus
    • Clients requiring a different level of care (ex: detox, inpatient or residential placement)
  • Crisis
    • Clients who are not medically stable and/or under the influence of a substance to where they cannot be psychiatrically hospitalized
  • Child and Adolescent—items listed under “all programs” plus
    • Clients older than age seventeen (17)

Individuals discharged or excluded from a program for any reason will be provided alternate sources of service as appropriate. The referral source, if any, will also be informed with the expressed written consent of the person seeking services. Individuals will be readmitted to outpatient services only after a review of all admission activities and specific examination of prior treatment experiences is completed and then documented by the clinician. The goal of this will be to ascertain that the individual has benefited from prior treatment and that current needs are within the scope of available treatment services.

Individuals not accepted for treatment in the programs will be notified in writing.


Individuals who begin services with the Center are provided with an orientation. Participants receive an explanation of the services that are being offered to them and have an opportunity to ask any questions.  They are informed of possible consequences, complications and/or risks involved in treatment, and that engaging in treatment often involves an increase in awareness and feelings as the process of treatment progresses, often resulting in feeling worse before beginning to improve.

Code of Ethics

Staff operate under a Code of Ethics for Professional Behavior, which means that you will be treated with respect and dignity and all professional boundaries will be maintained.


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